IHG wants Holiday Inn to pilot a new program that will allow business travelers to cooperatively plan, book, and travel, making it easier for teams to stay together, whether their trips are for work or for pleasure.

MY ROLE: User Research – Design + Prototyping + Remix (the Animation at dot 3 on the right)


Nathan Garret

Nathan Garret

Tim Dilich

Tim Dilich

Prenise Whittington

Prenise Whittington

**Click play for an updated prototype of SWFT created with Principle!**

IHG Members need a way to streamline team coordination, organize the itinerary and track the team budget without scanning receipts or using multiple apps.


  • Interview people that travel for business
  • Learn how travelers make accommodations, use loyalty points, and track expenses
  • Discover common pain points amongst travelers
  • Develop an app for IHG that eliminates the discovered pain points


Competitive Analysis | User Journey Map | Survey | User Interviews | Persona | Information Architecture (site map/flow hybrid) | Sketching | Usability Testing


We developed a persona based on interviewing a variety of professionals that travel frequently.  Zöe oversees a small team of account managers at Spotify in Chicago. She expects simplicity, efficiency, and accountability.  She is not afraid to use or try new technology and is DEEPLY millennial.  (Please ask me to explain if you do not know what this means… but it is certainly deep.) Zöe and her team are traveling to SXSW and need to stay connected and focused on tasks while entertaining clients.




Design #1- Lo-Fi

  • We started our design process on a white-board.
  • We created our initial layout using very low-fidelity mockups.
  • I used Invision Studio to efficiently layout a user’s path. This prototyping tool is simple, fast, and useful when less complicated design is required.
  • We quickly learned that we were developing a sort of ‘featuritis’ that needed curbing

Design #2- Hi-Fi

  • After user testing design #1, since we were introducing something new, we used a “Horizontal Prototyping” technique for our final, presented prototype.
  • I used Sketch’s Anima plugin to create a story that broadly described the apps features and value. This plugin allows you to export your design to code.  Currently you can only export to html/css.  HOWEVER, with early access to Anima 4, you can produce developer friendly, runnable React code!  Developers find this wildly useful. This is a huge leap towards the golden goose of designing/developing.

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Self Discovery

Having graduated from a full stack coding bootcamp in Chicago, I discovered the highly coveted value of speaking both code and design.  I’m able to support all steps of the process within design and development. 

Embrace Constructive Criticism

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