360 cameras aren’t just cool because they let the viewer look at whatever they want from one vantage point. The are also VC because, when you are filming with one, you don’t have to aim. This means you can film without thinking or caring. VR headsets lets you turn your head to view 360 videos and pictures. It is rumored that Apple’s ‘glass’ (their AR glasses) hardware will let you go from looking at whatever you’re looking at to anywhere in the world! That sounds pretty tight. But would you be viewing a picture or what’s actually going on from some vantage point anywhere else in the world? You’d think it’d be a picture. How could it be a video… One way might be to entice people to stream 360 videos from their phone’s. This could be on a blockchain network that pays users a cryptocurrency for filming real life much like people ‘mine’ for crypto currency by letting however much of their computer’s available resources solve algborithms. The amount you make per stream could be based on millons of things. If it worked, like mining for crypto, reward over time would diminish, location importance and uniqueness requirements would intensify, like algoriths require more and more power, etc.. BUT, if your phone has a 360 camera, who cares? You don’t have to film. You just let you phone film while you’re not using it so other’s can use it however they or whatever tool they’re using intends.



***oh, iPhone 12 comes out on September ~22 with true 5G and a 360 camera. Phones that exist right now, will never be able to get on 5G. 5G is more like 20G if scaled inline with the other Gs. 5G will make everyone’s phones worthless or at least very undesirable.***